An education trip to Indonesia (April 2005)  

Working in software is nice, sharing your knowledge with people (new) in the field is better.

At least for me!
My employer QnAp iT is working on an indonesia branch (in Jakarta) were he wants to install a software development organisation from scratch. The new employees need to be trained to work in an a CMM level2 organisation and as he has good connections with the Kristen Duta Wacana universty of Yogyakarta (Yogya) he agreed with some peers that 'we' would also do the same training at their university.

Late 2004 he told me that the first interaction we the university was agreed and he had volunteered me to be one of the speakers in April 2005 on a CMMI/Planning seminar with 140 people.
He also promised that we both do 4 days of workshops in Yokja.    ooops

We flew on the Friday 1st of April (no joke) to Jakarta and on Monday to Jokja were the Seminar was held on Tuesday April 5th.
My talk went ok, but more plesant (for me) were the workshops (about 24 persons) because the was such close interaction.
I did a day on CMMI (mostly talking), then Ki Tan (my collegue & manager) did a planning wokshop with tangram. Friday morning I did a session on estimations and Friday afternoon and Saturday morning another planning & tracking workshop with Ki but now with all kinds of puzzles. Mostly jigsaw puzzles.
It was very rewarding to see how they pickup things and apply them in these workshops.
Sunday morning a flew back to Jakarta and in the evening back to Amsterdam because a had to attent some workshops myself in the Netherlands on Monday.
Next time we plan to attach a holiday to the business trip because Ki promissed me a could do this again in 2006.

Was there all business and no play. No sir, Every eveing there was diner in a new resuturant eting all kinds of different foods. Shopping in the mals or on the street stands.
Friday afternoon to the beach of Jokja and Satuday afternoon to the Boropudor
Sunday a quick sightseeing in Jakarta e.g. Monparnas and thats it.

Here are some fotos from the seminar and workshops.
Here are some fotos of the sightseeing trips.

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