A business trip to Silicon Valley  

Sometimes working in quality engineering can have have some nice side effects.

During 2000 I was assigned to a company (Philips) that (amongst other things) produces satellite receivers. Working as a Quality Consultant in the new setop box project (Software & hardware) we had to deal with many 'opportunities".
One of the sub contractors, a chip manufacturer in the USA, had some serious problems keeping up their agreements.
As the sub contractor was a mandatory supplier (defined by the customer) from the same company, some support from our people was one of the obvious options to get them back on track.

So from November 19th upto December 13th I visited the chip manufacturer to give some support on their software configuration management and software release process.
A team of technicians (I was the only process guy) went to Sunnyvale California (some 100 km south of San Francisco) in the center of the Silicon Valley.

We worked long hours did some shopping in the evenings but only had the weekends free for sightseeing.

On the first weekend we went to San Francisco on Saturday and to Santa Cruz on Sunday.
The second weekend we went to Yosemite National park.(Saturday and Sunday)

Its not up to me to discuss the actual result of our joint effort.
It was an experience that I enjoyed very much, and hopefully I can give it some continuation.
These pages only show some highlights of our weekend trips
Last update: 2000-12-31