Hi, i am Anne-marie Van de Kerkhof Dirkx.
I was born, raised and still living in Reusel.

After a humble youth in a large family, i met Peter and very soon we started a family ourselves. Raising my children so that they would grown up as strong/happy persons was my primary goal.


Later when they were older i started to work (par time) in a farmacy / grocery store and i had a lot of fun in doing so. It turned out to be that i was quit skillful (education?) and within a couple of years i was appointed to manager and made it a very profitable shop. In 2002 (some 8 years later), after a several years of struggling with upper management on how to run a small town business (and how to tread your staff), i resigned and started a new job as store manager in clothing fashion shop.

Running a shop was easy. My challenge was coaching of young people and student trainees that came to my shop to learn. Working with people to learn them the tricks of the trade, to learn them the things that aren´ t in any books that is what i like to do. And when they become more self-assured, appreciate their profession then do i know that i did a good job.

After approx. fifteen years i stopped working in shops and at the moment i am busy with childern in the day care. The young people learning become even younger!


Reading is my other great passion. anything from weekly magazines to thru story romans. A special area is for the books on people skills and habits. If there is still time left: craft work, painting, drawing, etc. etc. Doing creative stuff!

A special hobby is “make-up”. Although there are not that many theater plays that require our services (I was part of the: Grime club Reusel). we kept up keep up our skills when we did face painting on fairs and year markets. Again the smile on children faces when we have transformed them in a butterfly, pussycat, ninja turtle, etc. is rewarding. Nowadays i still do this occasionally for family and friends.

The last years a new hobby came into the picture! Hyves (Dutch version of facebook). When i started to get familiar on a computer i heard my niches and nephews talk about hyves and i discovered that i could keep track of what they were doing just by looking at their hyves sites. This information (and a little pushing from my side) made my whole family hyves members and thus even more info to read and share.

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For more details and pictures of face painting see my private DUTCH website and DUTCH Hives page.

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