Me myself and I

Hi, I am Peter Van de Kerkhof.
I was born in Heeze and grew up in a small and happy family.
After a simple education in electronics i started to work. Listen to music was (and still is) my passion and so I became a weekend disk jockey in a camping bar. This stopped when i met Anne-Marie and we started our own family were Anne-Marie did most of the educational work.


Just like my wife i like to share my experiences to help people to do a better job. The best is if we can build interaction based on trust where i am the soundingboard and we eventially become "friends".

I like to read, mostly literature on my profession and discussions with colleagues to broaden my horizon, learn new facets and keep up to date with new techniques and technology. All things considered am i one of the lucky people that can make money with his hobby.

Thru i tried to distribute my experience as a consultant in a sort of software development manual.
Nowadays i do this via my own company ImQuSO thru white papers and tools


Listing to music is a big passion so i became a weekend disc jockey in a camping bar. When i met anne-marie I stopped but listing to music is still very important for me.
We regularly visit concerts and listing to a lot of new work.
My music style appreciation is wide but pop has my preference.

Another thing which i like to do is developing websites.
The creative process to construct something beautiful that also has a functional purpos is fun and rewarding to do.
Coding with Perl, PHP and other languages also helps to keep in touch with the area of software development.
I have a special site for my vision on website development were you also can find my portfolio.


At age 16 i started with basketball. Five years in Geldrop and then twenty years soccer in a neighborhood team and Reusel Sport. Until a second meniscus in my left knee this made soccer impossible.

In 2004 i started with running, easy at first but then engaged and i liked it. The recent years I have a resilient injury in my left knee which brought my running to a hold.

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